brigitte2011 (brigitte2011) wrote,

No.002-back home

Though school term doesnt start until mid september, my holiday however, it is over...
had a nice little holiday back in ShenZhen, its like a family ritual thing going on since i was little, because we got family and friends lives there, so we spent every summer and winter there...and plus i get to do some crazy shopping in HongKong
as always, it was insanely hot, like a giant oven with heat everytime i go out onto the street, so except from seeing friends occasionally and go out when i absolutely have to, most of the time i just stayed in the house anyway..and thank GOD for air-conditioning (..or the the who invented it)....

Beijing home was vacant for a month, giving the environmental condition and the dusty air in Beijing, which means dust WILL find a way in even if you shut all the doors and windows and practically have the house air-tight, which also means me and my mum will have to do cleaning up and make the place liveable EVEN though we are as tired as well from flight-travel....

But then when i actually settled in, i cant help but feel a bit weird around the place, i have to get used to where everything in the house goes and stuff..this really was a strange thing to say to my own HOME...
but i guess it was just a strange holiday-phase sort of thing when you been away from home too long..
enough babbling then...
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